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Coming down to the biggest names in the online gambling industry, NOVOMATIC is definitely one of the companies you cannot miss. Known as one of the biggest company that specializes in online gaming technology, they created their own world. It’s not surprising to know that their sales reached about £2.3 billion last 2017. Since their company was founded in 1980, NOVOMATIC Group established their products and services with a flourish. Now, they operate in more than 50 countries all over the world and export advanced gaming solutions to over 75 countries. Over the years of providing high-quality products and services in different parts of the world, NOVOMATIC’s family also increased. As a matter of fact, they now have 30,000 employees, 2,100 venues, and 270,000 gaming terminals that operate worldwide! If you fail to notice and admire those digits then we don’t know what else can.

Novomatic Casinos

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NOVOMATIC’s journey

Being one of the leading producer and operators, they export state-of-the-art gaming kits and system solutions like lottery system solutions. They also export other gaming services in different parts of the globe. Operating thousands of casinos helped their company gained more and more rental models over time. Their number of gaming terminals, as well as VLTs or video lottery terminals, is really impressive. Of course, NOVOMATIC Group will not be able to reach their current status without the support of their international subsidiaries. Because of this, they made it possible to become a full-service provider in the online gambling industry. Whatever segment it is you have in mind, we can guarantee that NOVOMATIC has something to impress you. Their inclusive collection of Omnichannel products for their business partners and international customers is a must-experience. Expect to a wide-range of awesome “terrestrial” gaming products to management system services, and financial management solutions. Don’t forget their most popular online, mobile gaming, and other social gaming solutions for sports betting and lottery solutions. Just to state the obvious, NOVOMATIC Group never earned their status in the industry without a bomb. As a special addition to their collection, they also have their own“first-class” products and services. Clearly, NOVOMATIC has their own way to“Wow” their audience by promoting their uniqueness. Thanks to their non-stop research and determination to develop new solutions in various segments, they remained ahead of the game. Not to mention the fact that they have tons of high-tech technology centres to help meet their goal.

NOVOMATIC’s core markets and advancement

Now that it’s a well-known fact that NOVOMATIC has a lot of impressive things under their sleeves, what’s next? Of course, you ought to know the core markets where their company evolved over the years. But since NOVOMATIC is one of the leading companies, they only offer their products and services to regulated markets. Their choice to remain in exclusive markets allowed them to remain updated with regards to the latest legal and regulatory frameworks. NOVOMATIC Group’s eyes are only focused on staying consistent in the game to achieve their successful strategy. Thus, their core markets include the member states of the EU or European Union. They also included the Eastern, Central, and South-Eastern Europe as their core markets. With the help of their chosen markets, they earned their status and influence which continue to spread across the globe. But more than spreading their excellence and masterpiece in the industry, they also make sure that they stay on top. They work hard to earn their long-term of strong relationship and growth with their chosen markets. The more they growth they experience in a certain market, the more they work harder to cater to their customers’ demands. Thus, NOVOMATIC really depends on the latest and the finest technologies they can utilize. In fact, they never stray away from their company’s central component when it comes to finding something new to offer. The fact that they are not just an operator but also a producer gave them an advantage over their competitors. But, that didn’t give NOVOMATIC a reason to stay relaxed and just sit back while watching their competitors. Instead, they focused on technological core aspects that are more advanced including downloadable games, mobile-friendly, online, and social gaming.

NOVOMATIC’s awards

Based on what you’ve already learned above, it’s clear that NOVOMATIC really worked hard to be in their position today. They didn’t achieve what they have today in just a few snaps of their fingers. They spent years of continuous research and development to come up with every single product and service they offer. Thus, they are really proud to shout out to the world the achievements they earned since they joined the industry. Check out their list of awards and certificates below:

Work and Family Audit Certificate (September 2015)

Some companies may be won their player’s love and support but not all of them appeal the same with employees. This is due to the fact that some companies value money more than their employees. But that is not how NOVOMATIC see things in order to achieve their goals. Instead, they committed themselves to create a family-friendly environment where their employees can balance their personal lives and work better. This includes working on flexible working conditions ensure that each employee doesn’t miss the important matters at home. Thus, NOVOMATIC joined the “Work and Family” audit last September 2015 and received their certificate. This awarded certificate contains the Federal Ministry for Family and Youth’s state seal of approval. In return, it’s the awardees’ responsibility to continue what they started and be a good example to other companies.

Leading Companies Austria Certificate (October 2015)

All companies that are recognized for their special services or certain specialty can be considered as one of the leading companies.  With this certificate, up to 1,000 companies can be chosen after passing through stages of admission and evaluation process. Specifically, the awardees are chosen based on their strong market and orientation to customers, consideration of workers, sustainable management solutions, culture, and environment. After all, companies will be nothing without their employees and customers. Apparently, NOVOMATIC is one of those lucky companies who received this certification last October 6, 2015. Moreover, this certification puts an emphasis on the company’s groundbreaking power to achieve a successful business operation worldwide.

Best Recruiters Award in (2017/2018)

As you see, employees are not the only ones who deserve an award once in a while. If there’s an award for the best employees, there is also one for the best recruiters. Thus, even recruiters get a chance to celebrate for doing their best in the recruitment process. In this case, the top employers are chosen carefully and ranked together with other employers in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. The criteria used in the evaluation process include:
  • Their online job ads
  • Their presence during the recruitment
  • How they treat their applicants
  • The feedback of their applicants
With these things in mind, NOVOMATIC was included in the top 10 of Austria’s BestRecruiters 2017/2018. Most importantly, they won the Bronze Seal of Quality for the Best Recruiters.

NESTOR Gold Certificate (November 2016)

Are you one of those employees that worry about saying goodbye to their precious jobs after reaching the retirement age? Certainly, there are companies like NOVOMATIC that know how to balance the age and working capacity of their employees. This means that regardless of your age, you can still work which is one of the best things about NOVOMATIC. Unlike other companies, they will not let you go as long as you are willing and capable of working. The idea behind this move is to “preserve the knowledge and experience gained by the Group”. This also works great to avoid suffering from a temporary shortage in case their many skilled workers take vacation leaves. Besides, retired employees make great consultants or even specialists which play big roles in a huge company. Thus, NOVOMATIC received their own NESTOR Gold certificate to honour their value and respect to employees.

BGF Seal of Quality (2017-2019)

Another Seal of Quality award to admire is the Betriebliche Gesundheitsförderung or BGFaward. However, this time it’s from the Austrian Network for Workplace Health Promotion. If you didn’t know yet, the Austrian Network for Workplace Health Promotion is under the direction of the Lower Austria. At the same time, they recognize the commitment of companies that work in the same field of Workplace Health Promotion. Significantly, this award goes with the same quality of European Network’s quality criteria for the Workplace Health Promotion.

OPEN Company Seal of Quality

Can you still keep up NOVOMATIC’s achievements? Well, here’s another one to keep you inspired and open-minded for positive possibilities. This OPEN Company Seal of Quality is distinguished and awarded the one and only Kununu as an “employment review platform”. This seal of quality signifies the preparedness of employees to accommodate questions via a phone call. In this case, kununu.com actively calls employees from their candidate companies to share their own evaluation. Of course, NOVOMATIC received this award and takes pride in choosing the right employees to grow with them.

Software platforms

Coming under the name of NOVOMATIC, these are the following gaming platforms that you can encounter in their online casinos:


When it comes to taking advantage of the best solutions to enhance the gaming experience of players, Coolfire got it. All NOVOMATIC Coolfire games are a combination of groundbreaking gaming concepts and impressive gameplay. Of course, this would not be possible without the state of the art technology that NOVOMATIC have in their hands. Coolfire’s II-s “multi-edition games” are available in separate casino game categories. Specifically, their games are designed according to their players’ taste and preference. Thus, NOVOMATIC’s Coolfire games include hassle-free navigation to ensure the satisfaction of every guest.


Another NOVOMATIC gaming platform that dominates online casinos, Impera-Line is an HD platform that every casino should have. As a matter of fact, Impera-Line is the newest addition to the huge gaming platform of NOVOMATIC. As the latest member of the family, this line focuses on High Definition “multi-edition games”. This means that you can expect a lot of exciting games jump on online casinos. If you’re a fan of video slots, you should definitely include this line of games on your“must-try” games. Their general game categories allow players to enjoy a more user-friendly platform. Thus, the orientation of their games’ selection menu makes it easier for you to find the games you like. The faster you can access the games you like, the more fun you can collect along your journey.


Compared with the previous gaming platforms above, Octa-games offer something that is a bit different from their traditional games. This line of games keeps their unique character in the pool of mediocre casino games in the industry. Their unique line of games helped them stand out and match with the rest of NOVOMATIC games.


With over 300 casino games in their portfolio, you can finally survive those boring times at home. You can even access NOVOMATIC’s games once you’re out and about to take a little break. Choose between NOVOMATIC’s comprehensive list of games that are divided into Slot Games, Game Mixes, and Electronic Table Games:

Slot games

NOVOMATIC has a slot game for everyone! Take your time exploring their exciting slots and get a chance to take home the jackpot prize. Depending on your preference, you can find the best slot games that can give you the biggest amount of payouts. You can also discover a whole lot of newly launched slots.

Game mixes

Diversity is the new thing. Embrace the special mix edition of NOVOMATIC and be amazed at how sophisticated their list of games is.

Electronic table games

Are you a fan of table games? NOVOMATIC showcases their own line of table games too that include Electronic Poker, Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, Sic Bo, and more! Treat yourself once in a while and enjoy playing the latest edition of table games that can be accessed on different devices.

Where to play NOVOMATIC games?

Catch all the latest and most popular games of NOVOMATIC by checking out these online casinos today!


Are you ready to hit the road to start your new gaming experience? Make the most of your free time now and check out NOVOMATIC’s games while some are still hot! NOVOMATIC’s gaming platforms and partner casinos are definitely a perfect match. Whether you’re new or not in online gambling, there’s always something that can match your taste and preference. Aside from an impressive collection of gaming solutions, you can also rely on their customer support that is available 24/7. Therefore, you can get in touch with them anytime you need assistance and make the most of your gaming. No need to waste your time searching for the best games. NOVOMATIC has a comprehensive list of Slot Games, Game Mixes, and Electronic Table Games that you can choose from. Novomatic Casinos [bonustable orderby=’_as_rating’ tag=’Novomatic’ version=’2′ ]

Best Novomatic payout percentages

Below you will find a list of the TOP5 Novomatic payout percentages.
  1. Simply Wild: 98.00%
  2. Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe: 97.10%
  3. Columbus: 97.03%
  4. Columbus Deluxe: 97.03%
  5. The Royals: 97.06%

Novomatic games and payouts (RTP)

  • 13: 95.00%
  • 4 Reel Kings: 94.00%
  • 5 Line Multiplay: 94.50%
  • 5 Line Mystery: 95.0o%
  • 7s Gold Casino: 95.00%
  • African Simba: 95.50%
  • Always Hot Deluxe: 95.36%
  • Amazing Stars: 94.00%
  • Amazon’s Diamonds: 95.05%
  • American Gangster: 95.04%
  • Armadillo Artie Dash For Cash: 95.00%
  • Asian Attraction: 95.05%
  • Anubix: 95.70%
  • Autumn Queen: 95.04%
  • Aztec Power: 95.25%
  • Bars Sevens: 95.00%
  • Bear Tracks: 95.25%
  • Beetle Mania: 95.00%
  • Beetle Mania Deluxe: 94.19%
  • Bella Donna: 95.00%
  • Big Catch: 94.00%
  • Big Runner: 95.00%
  • Blazing Riches: 94.00%
  • Bloody Love: 96.68%
  • Book Of Maya: 95.18%
  • Book Of Ra: 94.26%
  • Book Of Ra Deluxe: 95.10%
  • Book Of Stars: 95.16%
  • Bubbles: 95.29%
  • Bugs N Bees: 96.99%
  • Bullion Bars: 94.00%
  • Bullion Bars: 500 94.00%
  • Burning Hot: 7s 95.06%
  • Captain Venture: 95.90%
  • Caribbean Holidays: 96.20%
  • Cash300 Casino: 95.00%
  • Cash Runner: 95.00%
  • CatScratch Fever: 95.40%
  • Chicago: 96.17%
  • Cinderella: 95.50%
  • Cirque Du Cheval: 96.02%
  • Cleopatra Last Of The Pharaohs: 95.17%
  • Cleopatra Queen Of Slots: 95.17%
  • Cleopatras Choice: 95.13%
  • Clockwork Oranges: 95.07%
  • Club 2000: 95.00%
  • Columbus: 97.03%
  • Columbus Deluxe: 95.02%
  • Costa Del Cash: 95.01%
  • Cupids Arrow: 95.06%
  • Dazzling Diamonds: 95.42%
  • Diamond 7: 95.66%
  • Diamonds Of Fortune: 96.45%
  • Dolphin’s Pearl: 96.18
  • Dolphins Pearl Deluxe: 95.13%
  • Dr Enlarge O: 95.00%
  • Dragons Deep: 95.06%
  • Dragons Pearl: 95.70%
  • Dragons Wild Fire: 95.00%
  • Dutch Fortune 3-reels: 95.06%
  • Dynasty Of Ra: 95.09%
  • Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy: 95.00%
  • Elven Princess: 94.00%
  • Fabulous Fruits: 95.00%
  • Fairy Queen: 96.00%
  • Faust: 95.29%
  • Firestarter: 93.96%
  • Flame Dancer: 95.20%
  • Flamenco Roses: 95.09%
  • Frogs Fairy Tale: 94.45%
  • Fruit Cocktail: 95.00%
  • Fruit Drops: 95.08%
  • Fruit Fall: 93.97%
  • Fruit Farm: 95.13%
  • Fruit Fest: 95.00%
  • Fruit Fortune: 94.95%
  • Fruit Sensation: 94.30%
  • Fruitilicious: 94.30%
  • Fruits N Royals: 95.00%
  • Fruits N Sevens: 94.10%
  • Fruits On Fire: 93.80%
  • Garden Of Riches: 94.00%
  • Gemstone Jackpot: 95.10%
  • Golden 7: 95.90%
  • Golden Ark: 94.00%
  • Golden Cobras Deluxe: 95.41%
  • Golden Sevens: 95.10%
  • Golden X Casino: 95.00%
  • Gorilla: 97.10%
  • Grand Jester: 94.00%
  • Grand Slam Casino: 95.00%
  • Gryphons Gold: 95.00%
  • Gryphons Gold Deluxe: 95.05%
  • Happy Fruits: 95.00%
  • Haul Of Hades: 96.01%
  • Heart Of Gold: 95.01%
  • Helena: 95.12%
  • High Roller Jackpot: 95.04%
  • Hoffmania: 94.16%
  • Hoffmeister: 95.09%
  • Hold It Casino: 94.95%
  • Hold Your Horses: 95.34%
  • Hot Chance: 95.17%
  • Illusionist: 95.01%
  • Indian Spirit: 93.90%
  • Inferno: 95.00%
  • Jackpot Crown: 94.98%
  • Jackpot Diamonds: 95.00-97.07%
  • Jewel Action: 94.00%
  • Jewels 4 All: 95.00%
  • Jewels Of The Sea: 93.94%
  • Jokers Casino: 95.00%
  • Jolly Fruits: 95.42%
  • Jolly Reels: 94.00%
  • Jollystar Jackpot: 94.09%
  • Jungle Explorer: 94.00%
  • Just Jewels: 94.03%
  • Just Jewels Deluxe: 94.00%
  • Katana: 95.05%
  • King Of Cards: 95.00%
  • King Of The Pride: 95.11%
  • Kingdom Of Legend: 94.80%
  • Kings Jester: 95.03%
  • Kings Treasure: 95.10%
  • Knights Quest: 95.13%-97.10%
  • Lava Loot: 95.23%
  • Lord Of The Ocean: 95.07%
  • Lovely Mermaid: 94.00%
  • Lucky Jolly: 94.00%
  • Lucky Ladys Charm Deluxe: 97.10%
  • Lucky Rose: 95.23%
  • Magic 27: 95.08%
  • Magic 81: 95.06%
  • Magic Jester: 94.49%
  • Magic Princess: 94.98%
  • Marco Polo: 95.01%
  • Marilyn Red Carpet: 95.60%
  • Marilyns Diamonds: 95.17%
  • Mayan Moons: 95.50%
  • Mega Joker: 95.00%
  • Mermaids Pearl: 95.21%
  • Mighty Trident: 94.81%
  • Monkey’s Millions: 95.00%
  • Moorhuhn: 94.50%
  • Multi Dice: 94.91%
  • Mystery Star: 95.09%
  • Mystic Secrets: 94.06%
  • Ninja’s Path: 94.85%
  • Oliver’s Bar: 95%
  • Orca: 95.08%
  • Party Games Slotto: 95.61%
  • Pharaoh’s Gold: 95.01%
  • Pharaohs Night: 93.92%
  • Pharaohs Ring: 95.54%
  • Pharaoh’s Ring: 2 95.02%
  • Pharaohs Tomb 95.19%
  • Pizza Fortuna 94.93%
  • Plenty Of Fruit 20 95.18%
  • Plenty Of Fruits 40 95.18%
  • Plenty Of Jewels 20 95.24%
  • Plenty On Twenty 95.61%
  • Polar Fox 95.05%
  • Power Joker 92.00%
  • Power Stars 96.18%
  • Pumpkin Power 96.12%
  • Pure Jewels 95.00%
  • Queen Of Hearts 95.00%
  • Queen Of Hearts Deluxe 95.20%
  • Quest For Gold 95.99%
  • Rainbow King 95.00%
  • Rainbow Reels 95.67%
  • Ramses II 95.10%
  • Random Runner 94.00%
  • Random Runner 15 95.00%
  • Random Runner VIP 95.08%
  • Red Hot Repeater 95.31%
  • Red Lady 96.24%
  • Reel Attraction 95.11%
  • Reel King 94.00%
  • Reel King 7 94.00%
  • Reel King Free Spin Frenzy 92.10-95.02%
  • Reel King Potty 95.00%
  • Rex 94.49%
  • Riches Of India 95.00%
  • Rings Of Fortune 95.10%
  • River Queen 95.26%
  • Roaring Forties 95.00%
  • Rollercoaster 95.00%
  • Royal Dynasty 95.05%
  • Royal Treasures 95.03%
  • Rumpel Wildspins 95.53%
  • Sea Beauty 95.04%
  • Sea Sirens 95.70%
  • Secret Elixir 94.90%
  • Secret Forest 95.03%
  • Secrets Of The Sand 95.10%
  • Sevens Gold Casino 95.00%
  • Sharky 95.66%
  • Shooting Stars 96.11%
  • Showgirls 94.93%
  • Simply Wild 98.00%
  • Sirenas 95.02%
  • Sizzling 6 96.24%
  • Sizzling Gems 95.00%
  • Sizzling Hot 94.95%
  • Sizzling Hot 6 extra Gold 95.09%
  • Sizzling Hot 7 95.11%
  • Sizzling Hot Deluxe 96.05%
  • Sizzling Hot Quattro 94.00-96.12%
  • Slick Riches 95.00%
  • Snake Rattle And Roll 95.04%
  • Sparkling Gems 94.00%
  • Spectrum 96.61%
  • Spinning Fruits 95.01%
  • Spinning Stars 94.98%
  • Spring Queen 95.05%
  • Summer Queen 95.11%
  • Super Dice 95.02%
  • Super Hot 7s 95.31%
  • Supra Hot 95.20%
  • Sweet Spins 95.01%
  • The Alchemist 95.66%
  • The Kings Crown 95.04%
  • The Royals: 97.06%
  • The Wild Wood: 95.17%
  • The Winning Pick: 95.00%
  • Treasure Jewels: 94.00%
  • Top O The Money: 96.05%
  • Twisted Pays: 95.03%
  • Two Mayans: 96.00%
  • Ultra Sevens: 94.00%
  • Ultra Hot Deluxe: 95.17%
  • Wild Adventure: 94.00%
  • Wild Horses: 95.00%
  • Wild Rescue: 95.00%
  • Wild Thing: 95.02%
  • Wild West 3: 95.66%
  • Win Wizard: 95.26%
  • Win Wizards: 95.01%
  • Winners Car Wash: 95.04%
  • Wonder World: 95.15%
  • Xtra Hot: 95.65%
  • Zenia Queen Of War: 95.10%
  • Zreczny Magic: 95.00%

Novomatic jackpot slots

  • Amazing Stars – Biggest win £163 000
  • Elven Princess – Biggest win £219 070
  • Fruits’n’Sevens – Biggest win £123 645.49
  • Garden Of Riches – Biggest win £453 090
  • Golden Sevens – Biggest win £1.2 million
  • Jackpot Crown – Biggest win £66 490
  • Jolly Reels – Biggest win £230 304
  • King’s Jester – Biggest win £63 104
  • King’s Treasure – Biggest win £256 362
  • Lovely Mermaid – Biggest win £146 789
  • Lucky Jolly – Biggest win £39900
  • Power Joker – Biggest win £29 062
  • Reel King Potty – Biggest win £24150
  • Rings Of Fortune – Biggest win £120 220
  • Spinning Fruits – Biggest win £95 078
  • Two Sevens – Biggest win £93 448
  • Ultra Sevens – Biggest win £70 646
  • Zenia Queen Of War – Biggest win £45 538