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Pay by mobile phone casinos

Have you ever heard about pay by phone casinos? This may seem impossible back in the days when mobile phones don’t exist yet. But now that most people nowadays have access to smartphones pay by phone casinos are totally in! This is one of the fastest and easiest ways to make deposits on almost all online casinos. Take note, this is not just accepted in the UK since it is also widely accepted in the USA.

Now, this extraordinary payment method that can be done through the internet is also used by consumers worldwide. If you’re not that techy, it may not be your kind of thing even if you have a smartphone. Not to mention if you want to stick with land-based casinos. However, there’s actually more to learn about this online payment method aside from its name seems to say it all. So, be sure to read on so you can maximize the use of your smartphone and access to the internet.

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Pay by Mobile

Since mobile users are dominating the charts in the e-commerce industry, pay by mobile is definitely here to stay. What does it mean to pay by mobile? As its name suggests, pay by mobile is currently the most advanced way to pay bills, shop online, and deposit in casinos. You can even send money to family and friends using your mobile phone. It’s very simple and swift that you can finish all your needed transactions in less than 5 minutes. Pay by mobile payment options are also safe and secure in contrast to what other people’s think as risky.


Pay by mobile is proof that our technology evolves fast as time seems to fast forward before our eyes. Ever since the internet was introduced to the world, the means of communication and access to information became easier. No more effort to visit the nearest library when you don’t have access to huge dictionaries and encyclopedias at home. No more spending money every day for newspapers just to get the latest news. Now, you can literally read about almost anything online or even buy books and magazines online.

One of the best things that the internet brought is the convenience of paying which is maximized by online shops nowadays. As the gambling industry evolve and take advantage of the internet, casinos began accepting online payments too. Since mobile users increase, companies that offer online payment methods started to enhance and offer mobile-friendly payment options too. Pay by mobile became more popular as online casinos pop in the UK, USA and other parts of the globe.

The basics of pay by mobile phone casinos

Though online payment has been around already for years, pay by phone casinos could still be considered new by some. However, this didn’t become a lame excuse to hinder it from achieving great success in the market. In fact, the result was quite the opposite since no casino players want to undergo a grueling transaction. Thus, the idea of using pay by phone payment casinos is really handy.

Pay by phone casinos helps players fund their casino accounts using their smartphone. Unlike other online payment methods, all players need is a mobile number, a landline number, or a mobile app. So here, are two major things that you can use to get started.


If you prefer to make deposits using your mobile number on online casinos, you can do so using your credits. Once you’re ready to make a deposit, select a pay by phone payment option that is connected to your number. Since you’ll be using your credit amount on your mobile phone, you have to stick to your budget.

Thus, you have to top up your phone more frequently if you want to play longer every session. On the other hand, you can make sure that your deposits can be done in real time using this method.


Another way to pay by mobile when making deposits is through your bill. As long as you live in the UK, you can make casino deposits using your landline number. Therefore, all your deposits will be included in your phone bill’s coming monthly statement using this payment option.

Then, you can pay for next monthly phone bill the way you normally does with regular bills. As simple as that, you can play with ease anytime and use pay by phone casinos.

How to Pay by using your Phone in casinos

Enjoy the fastest and easiest way to finish your transactions by following these quick tips:

Step 1:

Choose an online casino that accepts phone credits or phone bills for payments. Don’t worry, we got your back and already did the research for you. Read on.

Step 2:

Once you select a casino site and registered, check out its phone bill processors and other pay by phone options. Boku is one of the most popular payment options today that comes under this category. Virtual wallets like PayPal can be used as well since you can fund it through your bank account. You can also pay with it using your prepaid or credit cards.

Step 3:

Register an account with your chosen payment method or processing company. You can’t simply provide your mobile number or phone number to make a deposit. You need to have an account first to make a deposit.

Step 4:

Confirm your account by checking the confirmation sent to your device.

Step 5:

Manage your phone settings to make sure your transactions smoother when making deposits. You can also set it as your default payment method whenever you need to make a deposit.

Step 6:

Once you’re done with the registration and all, return to the casino and set the amount you want to deposit. Depending on your chosen pay by phone method and phone company, you may stick with a maximum amount per transaction.

Step 7:

Choose Pay by Phone as your payment method in the casino.

Step 8:

Wait for the confirmation message. Look for the confirmation link you need to click or code that you have to provide to the casino.

Step by step, this guide can help you get on with your first online casino experience using just your phone.

Advantages of Pay by Phone casinos

As long as you have an internet connection, you can do a lot of things. Whether you want to communicate with other people, watch news, movies, and TV series, and play online, you got it. Read on to check out the advantages of using pay by phone payment methods:


One of the most important things that consumers look for when choosing a payment method in casinos is security. In this case, pay by phone casinos allow you to make deposits without sharing your banking information. You can make any payment without putting your credit card or debit card information upfront in online casinos for security. If you pay by phone, you no longer need to provide your credit card’s information to the casino.

Your phone company will already provide your given information and a message of approval upon using its services. You will also receive a confirmation code sent on your device to confirm your every transaction. This way, scammers will have a hard time getting hacking your account.


As mentioned earlier, not all pay by phone casinos require a credit card to help you make casino deposits. This makes it easier for players who want to experience online casinos without using their credit cards. At the same time, all your transactions are done in real time then pay later once your monthly bill arrives. As long as your payment option allows you to use your mobile number or landline number, you’re good to go.

In other words, you can play now and pay later. Furthermore, you can pay by phone and play anywhere you want as long as you’re in the UK. If you live outside the UK, there may be some restrictions since some countries still don’t accept this method.

Extra perks

Believe it or not, online gambling sites do its best to save costs when it comes to processing payments. This is due to the fact that payment processing is one of the biggest expenses that all gambling sites handle. Credit card processors charge at least 10% per deposit. Apparently, pay by phone casinos charge lower compared with other services so you and the casino can both benefit.

If you’re lucky, you can even find a casino that offers some incentive for choosing these kinds of payment methods. If the site does not have a posted offer regarding this, reaching out to customer support sometimes works.

Hassle-free transactions

We all know that gambling can be addicting too if not taken responsibly. In most cases, phone companies may allow you to make deposits with your phone bill. However, it is most likely that your transactions could be limited as well with a certain amount. Even if you use prepaid, you need to top up your phone over and over after spending your remaining balance.

Transaction limits can be set on a daily basis or weekly. On the other hand, it could also help you avoid overspending your hard-earned money.

Disadvantages of Pay by Phone casinos

If there are advantages, expect that there are also disadvantages. So, here are some things you have to watch out for using pay by phone casinos:

Low deposit limits

As mentioned earlier, this is subject to limitations that you have to follow aside from the casinos’ provided deposit limits. Normally, pay by phone payment options only allow low deposit limits for every transaction. If you’re not a whale, this may not be an issue since. But if you are, this may not be the right option for you especially if you gamble all day.

Fixed deposit amounts

If players don’t complain about low deposit limits, they complain about fixed deposit amounts. For instance, Boku only accepts deposits in fixed amounts like £5 or £10 per transaction. Meanwhile, some pay by phone options accepts at least £3 or £20 as fixed deposits per transaction. Though these amounts are pretty reasonable, there are times when it could be a hindrance as well. It may be because you want to deposit either a lesser or a bigger amount to get increase your win.

Withdrawals not always supported

Apparently, one of the biggest drawbacks of pay by mobile options is its lack of withdrawal option. Basically, you can use to deposit with ease then choose another payment option to withdraw your funds. This is very much common if you use phone credits and phone bills.

Final words

Aside from being a hassle-free solution, pay by phone options in casinos are well-regulated. There are independent regulating bodies that monitor all mobile payments in the UK alone. This includes AIME, Ofcom, and PhonepayPlus that ensure casino players’ safety. Thus, rest assured that all your information is safe and secure within the casino and your chosen payment method. Given that you can’t withdraw if you deposit with your phone credit or phone bill, you need an alternative.

There are other pay by phone methods that use a virtual wallet by downloading a mobile app. In this case, you can use your credit/debit/prepaid cards or bank account to fund it. It is up to you to set how much you want to put in your virtual wallet for casino deposits. You can use these virtual wallets to withdraw your winnings and into your bank account or prepaid card.