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Paypal Casinos

Have you ever tried using an e-wallet to purchase anything bet in online casinos? An e-wallet is a kind of online account where you can store money to make purchases online or in physical stores. When it comes to e-wallets and gambling, there is no doubt that PayPal casinos are one of the most popular options out there together with Skrill casinos.

Whether you are sending money to family and friends or paying for goods and services you can count on it. You don’t need to worry about divulging sensitive details like your bank account or credit card number when making payments. With its kind of security, a lot of sellers and buyers consider it a safe platform. Now, it is also one of the biggest companies that the biggest online casinos trust.

All PayPal Casinos in 2021

Best Paypal Casinos Online

Since PayPal is one of the biggest payment method companies that offer better payment methods, you can find it in many casinos. Here´s a list of all of them.

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About PayPal Casinos and the company

PayPal is a company fueled by the fundamental belief that having access to smooth financial services creates opportunities. Thus, the company is committed to democratizing financial services and empowering people and businesses. Therefore, both sides can thrive in the global economy. PayPal is an online platform that is designed to offer digital payments to its 277 million active users.

Whether they are online in desktops, mobile devices, an app, or in person, they can confidently connect and transact. With the help of technological innovation and strategic growing partnerships, PayPal creates more efficient ways to manage and transfer money. Its platform offers choices and flexibility to account holders when it comes to sending or receiving payments.

PayPal is available in over 200 markets worldwide including Venmo, Xoom, and Braintree. This way, both merchants and customers can receive money in over 100 currencies or withdraw funds in 56 currencies. PayPal also allows users to hold balances in their accounts in 25 currencies without worries.

PayPal casinos started to become popular in 2010´s, mostly at the end of the decade.

What are PayPal casinos

PayPal casinos are online casino sites, that accept deposits through PayPal. For example, if the player has a personal account with PayPal, he can already use that when gambling. As most of you know, paying anything is fast with this payment provider.

It is gaining success with casinos, because PayPal already has millions of users so its very likely, that when you enter an online casino, you probably already have an account with PayPal. If you want to play, your wallet might not be around you. Since PayPal account always comes with you when you are online, you are just a few clicks away from playing. This is why players are often looking for PayPal casinos. It is very a very convenient payment method.

History of PayPal

Founded in December 1998, PayPal has corporate headquarters in San Jose, California. For worldwide operations, it also has an office in La Vista, Nebraska. But just like other companies, the company also experienced a lot of ups and downs since it was founded. It wasn’t even named PayPal when it was founded 2 decades ago by technology entrepreneurs Max Levchin and Peter Thiel.

Instead, PayPal was called Confinity which was founded on low-cost and almost effortless to provide digital payments for businesses and customers. At first, the company targeted the underserved market as the internet builds a stronger grip on consumers around the world. This includes offering smooth banking and payment services.

The company was born from the founders’ idea of convincing customers to grab their fast and low-cost payment services. In return, account holders have to provide sensitive details such as emails, and banking or credit card information to PayPal. With this kind of offer, the company easily gained the trust of consumers, online merchants, and other small businesses.

For its first 3 years, PayPal handled over $3 billion in payment from 10.2 million individual account holders and 2.6 commercial consumers.

From Confinity to PayPal

Two years after its founding, the company was renamed PayPal to focus only on making payments online. Levchin and Thiel cleverly leveraged an opportunity in the payments market while the digital payment between businesses and customers was underrated. This is the gap that PayPal filled to take off at the start of the 21st century.

Back then, retail sites like eBay used to accept checks only as payments via postal services in the U.S. Thus, PayPal broke the code and designed a company that is dedicated to online payments. But before that, did you know that PayPal’s engineer produced an email-based payment technology first? This helped them realize that the majority of their end-users are online.

These users asked their commercial partners and buyers to sign up for PayPal as well to experience faster payments. This allowed PayPal to enter as one of the accepted payment methods on eBay which increased its users even more. In February 2002, PayPal (PYPL-Nasdaq) went public with new company stock.

PayPal’s stock increased by over 50% and closed its first day of trading with a $20 per share. In October 2002, PayPal was sold to eBay for $1.5 billion. This built a stronger partnership between the digital auction platform and online payment services. In 2006, PayPal’s number of account holders already surpassed 100 million.

PayPal Mobile and Acquisitions

In April 2006, PayPal introduced a new mobile payment platform called PayPal Mobile. This allowed customers to pay via PayPal using their smartphones. When the company reached its 10 years of age in December 2008, PayPal already reached almost 150 million account holders. For $800 million, PayPal acquired the payment gateway company Braintree Systems – the owner of Venmo and one of its competitors.

You Can Play Paypal Casinos On Mobile Too

In July 2014, PayPal parted ways with eBay and became a single publicly-traded company again. But since the company’s stock began trading, its market value sky-rocketed to $49 billion which instantly made PayPal’s army millionaires. In July 2015, PayPal then bought Xoom for $890. Xoom is a digital money transfer firm which helped the company to boost its international payment services.

When 2016 arrived, one of PayPal’s subsidiaries, Venmo surpassed $1 billion processed payments in just one month. Until now, this is the highest level that the firm reached in a month.

Branching Out

In February 2017, PayPal established a solid name in the growing P2P market after launching its first-ever “peer-to-peer” payment system. But that’s not where PayPal’s growth stops since it also entered the market of cryptocurrencies. PayPal focused on technology’s Blockchain platform. Within the same year, the company also branched out in India which is an important global market.

Thus, PayPal also hired 1,200 new technology specialists to focus on the mobile and emerging payment technologies in India. When it comes to social media companies, PayPal never missed the chance to seal a partnership with Facebook. After all, Facebook is the biggest social networking site worldwide.

As PayPal continues to grow, it also made a huge investment in Uber. With a $500 million investment, the company aims to break its growing rideshare market.

2 Types of PayPal Accounts

To use PayPal, the first thing to do is to create an account. But unlike other payment processing companies, PayPal promotes flexibility by offering 2 types of accounts: personal and business accounts. To help you choose the right type of account, check out the key differences between the two below:

Personal PayPal Account for casinos

This type of account is recommended for all individual users who want to shop and send payments online and play at the PayPal casinos. The personal account can be used for sending and receiving personal payments allotted for shared expenses like rental charges or bills. Even college students who need to receive allowances or pay friends for food can take advantage of this account.

Always remember, that if you play at a PayPal casino and you want to deposit, that you need to use the personal account and the account has to belong to you.

For non-businesses and casual merchants who want to receive payments online or shop online, this type of account is ideal. Therefore, it can still be used if you sell goods and services as long as you don’t expect huge payments. This account is also suitable for artists who want to sell their works occasionally online or personally.

However, be aware that it would also reveal your full name to the seller whenever you make a purchase. Also, this account can only accept limited forms of payments compared with the business account. Therefore, it is more suitable for individuals and sellers who market goods and services either informally or occasionally. To set you a personal PayPal account, you’ll need to provide these:

  • First and last name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • (Optional) credit or debit card number
  • (Optional) checking account number and routing number


  • Free to transfer money from a linked business or personal bank account, PayPal Cash, or PayPal Cash Plus balance
  • Free to transfer money from sales to a linked business or personal bank account
  • No setup costs, monthly fees, and termination costs
  • Offers fast and smooth services when making purchases or sending money to family and friends
  • Provides hassle-free payment options for occasional merchants


  • Accepting money from debit or credit card online has fees
  • Allows limited access to merchant services
  • It is hard to separate your personal and business transactions when paying tax

PayPal Casinos and business account

Technically, the business account is an improved version of the personal account. Compared with the personal PayPal account, this type of account is recommended for sellers who operate under a bigger group/company. From moonlighters to small and medium-sized business owners, the business account offers a hassle-free and affordable payment processing solution.

Remember that you cannot use PayPal business account if you are making a deposit on your personal casino account. Remember to use the personal one.

You Cannot Use Paypal Businesss For Personal Casino Account

To accommodate bigger businesses, this account comes with some extra features when you sign up. These features include limited access to your account of up to 200 employees. There is also a customer service email alias that will handle customer issues and be routed to speed up follow-ups. If you have a website or page, incorporating your PayPal business account can easily transform it into an e-commerce site.

You can set subscription services so customers can sign up for more shipments in a single transaction. Still, you can complete transactions in person and receive payments online for a smooth cashless transaction. Besides, it can help you print labels for your business, track payments, or get live customer support. Of course, it can also be registered under your company name instead of your name.

Therefore, your privacy is guaranteed whenever your customers make a purchase.  So, here are the required things for you to register for a business account:

  • Account owner’s name and address
  • Account owner’s email address
  • Business name and address
  • Customer service contact information of the business
  • General business information (business type, keywords associated with the business, etc.)
  • Bank’s name
  • Business or personal bank account number
  • Bank’s routing number

If you want to accept credit cards, there are additional steps that you have to accomplish for smoother transactions.


  • Easy to set up
  • Live customer support is available
  • No monthly maintenance fees for standard payments and termination fees
  • Offers more privacy by registering under your company or business name
  • Payments can be collected from customers’ credit card who don’t have a PayPal account
  • Up to 200 employees can access your account and choose the account features they need
  • All payments, profits, and other activities can be tracked easily
  • You can access different business tools and products
  • Payments can be collected and process in your store via “PayPal Here”


  • Sellers handle the fees for all purchases
  • Once registered, you can’t simply downgrade your account to personal account without calling the customer service
  • Not good for Paypal Casinos

PayPal Partner

PayPal Partner is a free membership program for eligible solution providers that accept PayPal as one of their offered payment methods. It is designed to build a stronger relationship between you, PayPal, and other sellers. Therefore, the PayPal Partner Program offers marketing products and services that can benefit SMB owners.

  • How can the PayPal Partner Program benefit your business? This program can help your business in 3 ways:
  • Promote your business to millions of merchants worldwide who already accept PayPal. In return, they can increase their income by connecting to more than 180 million active PayPal customers worldwide.
  • Get more clients through PayPal’s promotional opportunities then drive our marketing tools and resources to scale your business.
  • Get extra ongoing support from a dedicated support team.

Types of Organizations

The PayPal Partners Program is composed of B2B businesses that provide PayPal solutions to their sellers. Thus, the company works with these organizations:

  • Shopping cards
  • Marketplaces
  • Billing platforms
  • POS partners
  • Accounting software providers
  • Web and mobile developers
  • System integrators and more

To join the program, you can get started by getting in touch with PayPal customer support. Tell something about your business and solution. PayPal will contact you once they receive your message to discuss what your needs are. Finally, PayPal will be integrated to help your merchants get paid easily by their customers. 


Can I play at PayPal casinos?

To be eligible to play at PayPal casinos, you need to be in a legal age to gamble, which in most countries is 18 years old.

How do I recognize a PayPal casino?

You need to look at the payment methods. If PayPal is listed, then you can deposit through them.

Final words

Online casinos already conquered lots of countries all over the globe with the help of innovative technology and awesome game developers. As more and more people sign up for online casinos, the need to have fast and smooth payment options increases. Through PayPal, gambling sites can attract more players who already trust or are just interested in maximizing their benefits. Therefore, PayPal casinos can make the lives of merchants and consumers easier whenever they conduct transactions. It is fast, secured, and user-friendly so you will not have a hard time using it to manage your business and money.