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Privacy Policy

We take the privacy of our visitors very seriously so we have gathered this information package so that all our visitors have the access to this information.

What information do we collect?


We do collect IP-addresses. However, this information does not show any personal information of the visitors. We do not use this information to get any more information on the visitors such as identity. IP-addresses are only registered in our logs which shows the activity of our players. It is not possible to ask the removal of the IP-address from our logs.

Personal information

We do not gather any personal information of our visitors such as Name, addresses, bank details or phone numbers. Occasionally we may ask our visitors e-mail address if that is necessary for our campaigns in order to contact the players. However, we do not use that information to get more information on the visitors and we would only use the e-mail address to contact the person in the matter that we have asked the permission for.

Other information

Since we want to ensure the best possible experience to our visitors, occasionally we may collect information such as the device which was used for entering the site as well as information on the browser that was used for entering the site. We may collect information that shows the time of the arrival and the pages that were visited. We do not use this information to get more information of the visitors.

How do we collect this information?

We use cookies as well as software called Slimstat. Slimstat is a tool which is used for keeping track of the visits on the page.

How do we use this information?

Any information we collect is mainly used to enhance our website, to make it better for the people that visit our website. We only make analysis and statistics for our own use and we do not provide this information to anyone outside of gamblingbulldog.com

How long do we keep the information?’

We reserve the right to keep the information as long as it is needed.

How do we protect any information?

We follow the current standards to keep any information safe on our site. Our site is HTTPS, which means that all the information is safe and that we have acquired a security certificate. However, we cannot guarantee that a third party would not attack our site and if in any case, a third party would manage to steal information from our site we cannot be held responsible for this.

To who we might give any collected information?

We would give information only to authorities if they would request so. If we were to sell the website in the future, the new owner would also have the access to any information we have collected. However, this new owner also has to agree to obey these terms and conditions of our privacy policy.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files, that your browser saves on your computer every time you visit a website. Cookies include information on your behaviour on the website. Nowadays almost everyone uses cookies and so do we. With cookies, we can track how many times a visitor has visited our website as well as make the experience better for everyone. We are also able to save the information of the settings that the visitors have made for their future visits. Third parties may use cookies on site as well. For more information on cookies, visit whatarecookies.com.

But because we want you to be the boss, you can delete the cookies from your browser anytime. However, notice, that this might affect on your experience on our site.

Direct Marketing

We do not use the collected information to contact our visitors directly.

Underaged persons on our site

Our site is only meant for citizens that are at least 18 years old. If you find yourself reading this and you are under 18, you must leave our site immediately. We reserve the right to remove and block all underaged visitors from our site anytime.

Updates and changes

We reserve all the rights to make any changes and updates to our privacy policy. However, we will inform our visitors if we have done so but it will be on visitors´ responsibility to read and understand the updated privacy policy.

Your rights

You have a right to request any information we have collected about you and to request us to remove those. However, as stated before, we do not collect such information which would help us identify you.

Third party privacy policy

Our privacy policy applies only at gamblingbulldog.com. If you give any information on any other site, those have their own privacy policies. We have links provided by the third parties which may include cookies and collect information. We cannot control the actions of the third parties.


Gamblingbulldog.com holds the rights to the content you see on the site. Using or copying any content is against the copyrights. In order to ensure that nobody violates these rules, we use third-party services to track such actions.