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Real Dealer Studios casinos

Real Dealer Studios Review And Casinos

Real Dealer Studios is the first-of-its-kind game live casino development studio that was founded on a single, bold notion. That is using the highest quality technology to create interactive video and a little bit of moviemaking magic on the side. This helps Real Dealer Studios to add a human touch to their RNG-based games and make their products more unique.

This concept allows the studio to take their online casino games to the next level and differ from other live casinos. They rely on professional actors and actresses, and film directors. They work with post-production crews to guarantee a consistently flawless performance that is streamed online. From the first round up to the last round, Real Dealer Studios’ live casino offers a superior player experience.

Founded in 2019, Real Dealer Studios’ main office is headquartered in Malta and its studios are located in Estonia. Since then, the studio continues to produce real games with real and professional dealers.

Real Dealer Studios casinos

Here are all the casinos in the UK where you can play Real Dealer Studios games.

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Finnish players visit Casizone.com! Also in English (not for UK players – UK players should stay on this site).

Real Dealer Studios has a unique concept

To change the game in the industry, the studio created a concept with a one-to-one experience that is better than live. All games are set in a private luxury casino where you can interact with the dealer. Each scene in the game comes with the leading visual and sound quality in the industry. Boosted by a powerful engine, the Studio combined the smooth gameplay with a seamless video streaming experience.

Compared with the live studio counterparts, It´s games are always clear and bursting with energy. Thus, you won’t hear any distracting or mumbling noise in the background. Both players and operators can take advantage of an error-free dealing since real dealers are well-trained not to go off the script. All games can load fast and include an option to resume playing in case there are interruptions.

Furthermore, all games come in a complete package as a stand-alone game and are not connected to a live studio. Thus, they offer fresh games that stand out from the crowd that can give you the high energy you’re looking for.

Must-Try Real Dealer Studios games

Real Dealer Studios Games

Real Dealer Studios design their games as an alternative to live casinos which promote a better gaming experience regardless of the players’ location. This is due to some brick-and-mortar casino experiences wherein players meet dealers who seem bored and tired of doing their job. Some dealers may even look as if they are half asleep while dealing.

Due to the noise inside the casino house, some players even complain about not hearing the dealers clearly. In some casinos that offer live casino games, other players also experience a lag in bandwidth and/or poor quality of resolution. With this in mind, the studio established its brand with superior games that are designed with cinematic quality. This means that their games are not limited by the common issues that occur in traditional live dealer games.

The unique approach of them led to the collaboration with the best film directors in Los Angeles. The studio also collaborated with a range of screen actors and famous faces who will host their games. So, check out these games with Hollywood-quality titles from the collection of Real Dealer Studios:

  • Fortune Finder with Holly
  • Fortune Finder with Sarati
  • Real Baccarat with Holly
  • Real Baccarat with Courtney
  • Real Baccarat with Sarati
  • Real Roulette with Dave
  • Real Roulette with George
  • Multifire Auto Roulette
  • Real Roulette with Matthew
  • Real Roulette with Sarati
  • Real Auto Roulette
  • Real Roulette with Holly
  • Real Roulette with Bailey
  • Real Roulette with Caroline

If you are looking for new games, Real Dealer Studios is always working on the next premiere games to try. The studio also creates sequel and remake games of old classic games so stay tuned.

Real Dealer Studios technologies

All produced game software by Real Dealer Studios are designed using the latest HTML5 to make mobile-friendly 2D and 3D games. Since HTML5 was launched in 2008, many casino software developers including Real Dealer Studios started maximizing its benefits. HTML5 technology helps games become more innovative and immersive for a more exciting experience.

Whether you are using iOS or Android devices, Real Dealer Studios’ games can be accessed on any device without a hassle. From smartphones to tablets, and desktops, you can switch between your gaming devices easily and still get the same quality. Moreover, you no longer need additional applications like plugins with HTML5 designed games unlike in Flash games.

Therefore, you can use any browser to open the studios’ games whenever you want to play casino games. At the same time, Real Dealer Studios guarantees better game stability with the combined video clips of dealers and unique gameplay. This is thanks to the RNG-based engine that the studio uses to run its games.

The Random Number Generator or RNG is a kind of computer program that determines the random results of games. The types of RNGs may vary but Real Dealer Studios use this to create an engaging private table set up. This includes production values and table games with a Hollywood level that runs smoothly.

Contact information

If you are interested in Real Dealer Studios to make your casino real, feel free to get in touch with them. You can drop them a message at sales@realdealerstudios.com to know more about the studios’ games. For inquiries, you can contact Read Dealer Studios’ customer support team through its second email at press@realdealerstudios.com. If you have other questions regarding Real Dealer Studios’ games and services, you can also leave them a message at info@realdealerstudios.com.


Real Dealer Studios focuses on delivering a series of live casino games that are joined by Sarati, Courtney, Holly, Caroline, Dave, George, and Matthew. The inclusion of new games aside like real Roulette and Fortune Finder helped the studio reach another achievement. Real Dealer Studios even acquired additional certifications to widen its scope in other markets like Spain. With its licenses from Malta Gaming Authority and UK Gaming Commission and eCOGRA certificate for its RNG, its games are safe and secured.