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Can you feel something right now? Can you feel the excitement that envelopes the world of gambling? If you are ready to dive in with us into the world of UK live casinos online, then brace yourself now because we are about to enter a crazy but extremely fun world!

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Wagering req.: 40x B
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Inside UK’s Live Casinos Online

Can you rate yourself from 1 to 10 on how knowledgeable are you with regards to the UK live casinos? Try it where 1 is the lowest and 10 is the highest and see if you can already call yourself knowledgeable enough. If you give yourself a low rate, worry no more. After reading this, you know everything you need to and you are closer to an expert than ever before!


If you think that online casinos are just filled with boring card games, table games, crappy slot machines, and dealers, you better think again. Believe it or not, the world of UK live casinos is complete with exciting games, bonuses, offers, and lovely dealers! As a matter of fact, most of the live dealers you will encounter in live casinos are friendly and very attractive. Live dealers are really attractive that some players only play because they like the live dealers.

Experiencing a live casino is definitely one of the best breakthroughs in the gambling industry. You don’t only get to play the best live casino games you want but also play it anytime you want, anywhere you like. You can even forget about the fancy dress codes, casino etiquette, and putting on some makeup or a hair wax. No need to look dandy since you can literally play a live casino no matter how you look because what matters more is that you have the money and a steady internet connection.

The Fame of Live Casinos Online

Since the launching of the World Wide Web, desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets have become a worldwide craze, the opportunities online started to hit the roof. The internet gave way to the rise of online casinos in order to cater to a wider range of casino players all over the world. Online casinos become popular worldwide especially to those casino players who don’t have all the time in the world to drive outside and hit the nearest casino in town.

Live casinos online experience

Not to mention the fact that there are still places in the world where casinos are considered illegal. But with the help of the internet, you don’t have to worry anymore about getting caught red-handed while playing pokers with your friends or rich strangers. The introduction of UK live casinos with the help of the advanced technologies allowed casino players in different parts of the world to experience the authentic feeling of playing live card games and table games virtually.

Especially now, almost everyone owns a smartphone so online casinos that can be accessed on mobile platforms can offer awesome live games to many casino players without a hassle. Regardless of the players’ location, online casinos can receive deposits and approve withdrawal requests as fast as possible. Hence, players can save a lot of time, effort, and costs of playing online.

How UK Live Casinos and Live Dealers Work?

If you’re wondering how online casinos take advantage of the advanced technologies to offer live casinos, read on. Online casinos that offer live casino games in the UK hire live casino dealers to operate and provide a live stream through their customers’ desktop, laptop, mobile phone, or tablet device. Since it is a live stream, everything that is happening in the game is done in real-time including every single action that the live dealers make.


But unlike other online casino games, most UK live casinos allow players to communicate with their live dealers. This means you can ask questions and even have some small table talks and banters which are very interesting. You wouldn’t find this kind of experience in other online casino features unless you are willing to drive and visit the nearest casino in your area. Moreover, live dealers use real cards that they shuffle, spin an actual roulette wheel, and throw an actual dice on the table right in front of you via live stream to guarantee the game’s integrity.

Everything that is done in physical casinos is also done in live casinos except that you are not in front of the table physically while playing with other players. As a matter of fact, some of the most common live games that you can experience in online casinos are the following:


As one of the most popular casino games, it’s no longer surprising to see it experienced by players in the UK live casinos. Roulette is not only available in classic but also in variations so many roulette players really enjoy choosing from a wide range of Roulette games online. You can even watch as the ball spins from different camera angles and see it go in slow motion as it slowly lands on a number.


Just like roulette, Blackjack is pretty much popular all over the world that its variations normally cover many online casinos’ game list. Due to Blackjack’s appeal to casino players, its classic version tends to become the most in-demand game that is operated by live dealers. Depending on your chosen online casino, you can also take advantage of their offered “side bets” at selected live casinos. There are also live dealers who allow casino players to “bet behind”.

The interesting part about this live game is that more than seven players can virtually join and play anytime they want by placing a bet on other player’s hand.


When it comes to classic table games, never forget that Baccarat is part of the league especially in the UK live casinos. You may not be able to see many of it in some online casinos but it certainly is on top of the list. Compared with Roulette and Blackjack, there are fewer number of tables in baccarat and the only other type of baccarat that you will be able to play on live casinos is the Punto Banco. Lots of online casinos also provide side bets for players.

Casino Hold’em Poker

If you are a fan of poker, you should not miss this one in UK live casinos. Casino Hold’em Poker has become one of the favorites of casino players since it was introduced in the gambling world. It is actually a variant of the popular Texas Hold’em where players compete with the dealer instead of other players in the table. Unlimited players can join in the game while the gameplay is exactly the same as land-based casinos.


If you’ve never tried playing Sicbo before, it involves dice since it’s a dice game. In fact, Sicbo is just one of the few dice games especially in the UK live games. Many casino players enjoy it which is quite interesting. This game has a little touch of roulette on board since you can place diverse bets with diverse payouts too. Of course, the most common bets are big and small since it makes things easier for betters to decide.

Sicbo players start the fun by betting on the sum of the three dice which can be big or small. With a 1:1 payout, the small bets range from 4 to 10 while the big bets range from 11 to 17.

However, each live casino game may differ depending on the online casino you are registered. For instance, one online casino may offer a live Progressive Blackjack and a live Vegas Strip Blackjack while others may offer a live Classic Blackjack, and a European Blackjack or all. There are different types of Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, Baccarat, and Sicbo.

Video Live Stream Evolution

Just like the entire world online, UK live casinos were just pure imagination back then. Who would have thought that computers and internet would arrive and create a huge impact in our lives? Who would have thought that the games you used to play on land-based casinos are now available online through live streams? Video streams before were taken on land-based casinos with only a single camera so watching the live game from different camera angles at the same time wasn’t possible yet.


Players back then complain about the difficulties in watching the cards, dice, or wheel on the table. Not to mention the fact that players before can’t ask questions or even banter with the live dealer. So as the years have passed, live casinos where improved to satisfy players by providing more options and better viewing quality. Multiple camera angles were used in video streaming together with an option to make the size of the dice, and cards bigger on the screen.

The quality of the video was also improved even though its video quality to players may vary depending on the speed of their internet connection and computer, and available space for storage. Thus, casino players often have an option to adjust the video’s quality to avoid ending up with a jumpy and “pirate-like” video stream. But with regards to the overall quality of live casinos, it might also mean that it can eat more data so be sure to secure a Wi-Fi connection.

A Wi-Fi connection can help you reduce your bills if you don’t have enough reserves on your smartphone’s internet plan.

Advantages of Playing UK Live Casinos Online

Aside from the details above, every casino player and enthusiast still ought to learn the advantages of playing the UK live casinos. Thus, these are the top things you should take note before deciding not to try live casinos:

Multiple live games

If you to play live casino games but don’t have the time or you’re just not in the mood to dress up and drive, this is the best solution for you. The UK live casinos offer various live games that include different types of table games and card games operated by live dealers. Don’t need to fret if it is raining hard outside, you can still play your favorite card games with other players without leaving your comfy bed or couch.

24/7 game time

Though not all online casinos offer 24/7 support, most casinos with live casino games offer 24/7 gameplay which is perfect if you are not a morning person. Just secure a credit card or a debit card and you can easily make deposits or request payouts at home. You can also make use of other payment methods online to enjoy the perks of live casinos.

High and low table limits

The first thing that you have to keep in mind when it comes to gambling is to always “play responsibly”. Only play and go for the stake levels that your budget can afford to avoid having financial problems. Excellent online casinos that provide UK live casinos offer various options and table limits.

For instance, you can go for live high limit table games if you are a high roller or you can keep your stakes in minimum to average if you are a low roller. Thus, there are low and high table limits where you can keep your stakes on check all the time.

Low house edge game

We all know that at the end of the day, casinos are always the winners because it’s how they play to earn. No matter how big is your jackpot prize, casinos still get a big amount of profit from their customers’ bets. So, if be sure to know how big is the house edge in the online casino if you want to play your favorite casino games.

Besides, a lot can happen in an hour or so of playing the UK live casinos which include loosing, getting your money back, or winning a little extra so, keep it low when it comes to considering the house edge. The more you play the more money you may lose without even knowing it.

Live interaction

Of course, the term “UK live casinos” will not be made for nothing. As a matter of fact, the live virtual interaction is what gives a huge advantage to UK live casinos over other online casino games. You can always talk to other players at the same table via live chat. You can also talk to the live dealers if you want to through chat and they will answer you through the live stream.

Hence, this is the perfect type of casino features for you if you crave some social interaction while playing in the comfort of your home.

Lots of bonuses

If you are a sucker of bonuses then you are in the right place. UK live casinos also offer a lot of bonuses even if you are just new. As you play more, the live dealers can offer you more juicy bonuses to claim and take advantage of. Some online casinos offer bonuses as players reach a higher status level like in VIP programs, or as they increase their bet to a certain amount. However, take note that not all live dealers offer bonuses and that it may vary depending on the casino you choose.

Better game pacing

There are programmed games wherein you have to place your bets and accomplish wagers within the given time before the game starts. But in the UK live casinos, the game pacing is a little slower since you are playing live with a live dealer. Thus, you can breathe a little and take some extra time to think about the amount of your bet.

Complete gaming history

We all want transparency when it comes to making any kind of transaction. Thus, UK live casinos made sure that they bring you what you want by allowing you to view your complete gaming history. This means that you have the freedom to monitor your gaming history so you can audit it in the live casino. Checking it from time to time can help you determine the amount whether you are doing great or not in the game so no more confusions why you end up losing that day!

Final Words

Since innovation never stops inside the internet world, live casinos continue to flourish in different parts of the globe. But even though there are online casinos in the UK with live casinos, don’t forget that you still need to check if they are licensed and regulated by trusted authorities in the gambling industry. You may be charmed by the casinos’ touch of luxury but you can never know if you will be able to enjoy your stay and receive your payouts unless you did your homework.

It is wise to take note of the casinos’ software providers to determine the quality of live games they offer. This way, you also get an idea about the betting limits that are offered by the operators. Some of the top online casinos that you can visit to experience UK live casinos include LeoVegas, Dunder, Mr. Green, Casimba, Videoslots Casino, 21 Casino, and so much more. For more information, click on the casino icons below.

Choosing the best UK Live Casino

When it comes to choosing a live casino, it is all about the trust. Which of course is the case in any casino. We are here to make it easy for you to choose the best UK live casino for you. Find below the list of live casinos, which are known to be trustworthy. Since nowadays almost every online casino offers the Live Casino option, take a look at our review of the casino to make sure it has everything you require to have a pleasant experience. In our reviews, you find all the small, but important details, such as bonus info, payment options and many more.

What´s the difference?

Nowadays the casinos may all look the same, but when you look at the terms, there can be huge differences. And it´s not always about the terms either. Some casinos just may not be good for the players due to several issues. It is our job to shortlist the best Live Casinos for you and therefore you can be assured, that you are playing in a casino which is worthy of your trust. When choosing the right place, you may wanna take a look at the other features the brand is offering such as bonuses and games. We recommend you to do so if you are looking for a long-term partnership with one of the casinos we are listing. This is only for the reason, that you´ll choose the best for your needs.

Usually, the welcome bonuses offered by the casinos only meet the wagering requirements on slots. However, there might be exceptions. For more information, check the terms and conditions of each bonus.  Terms and conditions apply. 18+ – The most popular and the best live casinos online UK.

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