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Video Poker Casinos

Now you may ask yourself what is the difference between Video Poker and Live Poker?  Well, Video Poker is the same poker you can see in slot machines, without any dealers and playing against the machine. Video Poker´s first models were invented in the mid 70´s but it was officially introduced in 1979.

Typically video poker is the 5 card poker but there are variations such as Deuces, a 2 card game or a Joker Poker, where the joker performs as a wild card. Out of these, Joker Poker might the most popular video poker game in the video poker history.

Nowadays, pretty much every online casino in the UK has the video poker option. These games are quite the same as there used the be in your local casino in the 90´s. Now the machines have only turned smaller and are now playable on a laptop. Therefore, you could say that playing video poker has become more pleasant. No more someone smoking cigarettes next to you or no more seeing someone irritated when you are smoking while you play.

That brings us to the benefits of video poker in online casinos. You can play it yourself without any opponents and without interaction from anyone or anywhere. You can only focus on competing against the machine.

Video poker was invented already back in 1891, when the Sittman and Pitt Co. invented the first poker machine, having 5 reels with each reel having 10 cards. Like modern days, the player had to insert a coin and once done so, the reels started to spin and in the end, formed the final hand. The only difference compared to nowadays was that everything worked manually, not digitally. This machine was invented in the USA.

Video Poker Bonuses

As you know, most of the casinos offer a welcome bonus but unfortunately, in most cases, the bonus is not 100% valid towards video poker games. That does not mean, that you cannot play video poker. It only means that when you are trying to meet the wagering requirements, video poker does not count 100% towards it. Depending on the brand, video poker usually counts between 5 and 50 percent towards the wagering requirements. Please remember to check this on the terms and conditions of the casino bonus you are interested in playing at.

Below you will find a list of all the best UK online casinos that offer video poker games.

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