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Virtual sports betting

Gambling has been part of culture already even before our ancestors learned how to establish gambling houses. Whether it’s a simple betting over who’s going to blink first, it’s already considered gambling when money is involved. Take note, gambling is always composed of 3 major elements which include consideration/wagered money, risk/chance, and the reward. Now, Virtual Sports Betting is currently one of the most popular ways to gamble without leaving your house.

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Virtual Sports Betting

After all, it’s one of the easiest ways to make a bet and win wherever you are. As long as you have a decent internet connection and a handy device, you’re all good. But what does this so-called Virtual Sports Betting means? It is the same with eSports? Where and when did it start to spread in the gambling industry? There are lots of questions regarding this topic so we’re here to help answer most if not all. But first, let’s tackle its brief history to help you understand it better. 

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History of virtual sports betting

Let´s have a look at the history of Virtual sports betting

The start

Believe it or not, Sports Betting already existed for hundreds of years. However, it started to morph with the present industry not until the 1960s. This was right after the gambling legislation was passed and the high street bookmaker was developed. Also, Sports Betting became more known and widespread when the notion of people who bet in betting shops increased.

During the 1970s, the computer revolution started with a focus on the practical use of computer machines only. But it wasn’t that long when the first computer games came along which made a noise and sparked interest worldwide. These games include Pong which is a simple bat and ball game with block graphics. Then, there are those classic arcade games like Space Invaders which helped computer gaming to enter the mainstream psyche. 

Soon after, arcades in different parts of the world were releasing these kinds of games along with the traditional slot games. Clearly, these games were well-accepted together though they come from 2 different markets. 

Arcade technology

One of the simplest games that became popular alongside the new microchip-based entertainments in arcades back has a “race” theme. These games were typically designed based either on motor car racing or horse racing. These games allowed players to back a certain color of a competitor between 6 – 10 vehicles or runners. Each competitor has his odds to win the event which ranges from the most favorite to the outsiders. Then, the player has to wager a set coin on the options.

They just have to put the set coin in the slot of the car or horse which they preferred to back. Once the betting round was over, that’s the only time the race will start. This event was partly controlled by both mechanical and microprocessor. The winner was declared after the race and those who backed the winner are paid out using the coin tray. If you’ve played a slot machine before in land-based casinos, it’s similar to that.

This machine found in betting shops operated under the same principles that led to the Virtual Sports we have today. Players back then already enjoyed joining several races within just a short period. This used to be a great alternative for those who don’t want to wait for hours or so for the results on real-life events. But, the odds of having the same selection on every event were very limited though the result was variable.

There’s only one kind of bet that can make: back the champion and stake one amount that you could wager. In the 1980s a version of Virtual Sports like a limited forerunner operated with the same principles popular in arcades. However, it never became as famous as video gaming so it started to phase out over the years. Thus, medium betting never made a long-term relationship in the industry. 

The Boom of computer games

When computer games became popular in the 1980s, people began to see Personal Computers as the “thing of the future”. This was due to its availability and affordability for households including the Commodore 64, BBC Micro, and ZX Spectrum. The companies that developed software for famous models also increased and thousands of PC games became popular. Most of these games were sports-based while others allowed players to “bet” on sports events using fake/pretend currencies. 

Over time, these games evolved with better graphics, colors, sound, and gameplay. Sports betting may be popular this time but it’s not the “most popular” computer game wherein some were simulated. These simulated games were connected with real-life sporting events played by real people. There were also simulated betting games played by people through their computers at home despite being a solitary pursuit. 

The Internet bookmaking moves

Everything changed when the internet was introduced in the 1990s and old personal computers were succeeded by more powerful computers. Finally, people were able to use their computers to interact with others and not just contact each other. Of course, it didn’t take sports betting companies long to realize the benefits of the internet for their plans. Bet365 was one of the first companies that started trading in 2003.

Betting on horses is very popular

Meanwhile, others focused their attention on developing their betting sites either earlier or later this time. Bookmaking already had a strong presence online during the mid-2000 as it generated a huge income from online players. This outcome encouraged betting companies to push boundaries and develop mobile betting technology together with faster internet speeds. In many ways, online bookmakers became the center of their operations while evolving. 

You may also want to see the newly licensed UK Bookmakers from this year. Gamble responsibly | 18+. Terms and conditions apply. The listed bonuses are only for new players.

Simulated sport games

These newly developed 8-bit games entered the market to dominate games for PC technology and consoles. These included NBA Basketball and FIFA Soccer series while others preferred more complex simulated games with more betting options. With the internet, players today can watch and play against each other instead of just computer software. Multi-user interactive games online became popular as well up until now.

Still, other games were designed to give individual players more freedom. Such games included Horse Racing Manager which allowed individual players to own horses and bet on virtual races using virtual money. While the race played out on the screen using a graphical representation, players bet on any horse. The seeds of tangible Virtual Sports were all there waiting to be discovered and put together as a breakthrough. 

The advancement of online sports betting

When 2010 arrived, the online betting industry already had a firm foundation and companies grew more competitive to beat each other. Thus, companies offered better deals and attractions for customers to keep coming. Since then, casino and betting sites started to offer Virtual Sports since it became more popular these days. The shorter waiting period to see the results after just a few seconds or minutes made it even more appealing.

Compared with real-life sports betting events, more players who lack the patience to wait for long started to like it. However, its randomness that real-life sports betting can’t match received a mixed response from players. Some welcomed it positively while others found it negative but it can’t ruin Virtual Sports presence online. 

What is virtual sports betting?

Now that you already know its brief history, can you define what a Virtual Sports Betting is now? As mentioned above, it’s created with computer simulations to replicate real-life various sports events with a built-in high random factor. The simulations run the virtual events based on some sports like Soccer, Speedway, Motor Sports, Horse Racing, and Greyhound Racing. The software generates several betting markets and options for each event where customers can place their bets. 

The betting system of Virtual Sports is similar to real-life sporting events while the action is displayed on the screen. Of course, the virtual event will only start after the betting round is done. Once the event is over, the software will automatically generate the results and pay out any winnings they owed. Then, a new round of Virtual Sports event will start so players can join more than 1 event per hour. Each event typically takes 3 to 5 minutes only unlike the real-life sports betting events. 

Is virtual sports betting the same with eSports?

Esports vs Virtual Sports Betting
Esports event

Virtual Sports and eSports are some of the most interchangeable terms that many people use today. But we beg to disagree since these two terms are two different sports betting events. Indeed, eSports and Virtual Sports are both based on computer software. However, eSports are computer games that are played by real people against each other either on their computers or consoles.

During the highest level of eSports, either individuals or teams can compete against other individuals or teams across the world. That’s why there are eSports world tournaments that are becoming more popular each year. Thus, eSports are known for attracting more sponsorship nowadays which also increases the prize pool up to a hundred thousand dollars. Believe it or not, some even offer a prize pool that is worth million dollars! If that’s not big enough for you then we don’t know what else is. 

Compared with Virtual Sports Betting, eSports are designed to let 2 teams or individuals who play the same eSports compete. Since players know full well that they play against real players and not computer software, they become more competitive. Some of the most popular eSports events that are not considered as Virtual Sports are:

  • Fortnite
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offence
  • Defense of the Ancients 2 or also as DOTA 2
  • League of Legends
  • StarCraft II
  • Call of Duty
  • PUBG

If you prefer to compete with real players instead of computer software, eSports is a good choice. But if you want to join events with shorter periods, we highly recommend the Virtual Sports Betting.

Advantages of virtual sports Over eSports

Aside from the mentioned bits above, here are the biggest advantages of playing Virtual Sports over eSports:

  • Faster Generated Results

In eSports, you have to wait for the certain event you bet on to finish before you can bet again. So if the event took 45 to 1 hour or so to finish, you can’t bet on other eSports events. Meanwhile, Virtual Sports usually take 3 to 5 per eSports event only which is shorter than other betting events. You don’t have to wait too long for the results to come out which is vital for time-conscious people. 

  • Multiple Betting Opportunities

Various Virtual Sports Betting options are available on betting sites. This means that you can place bets on different markets get the outcome within a very short period. Depending on the sports that you prefer, you can join up to 10 events or more in just 1 hour! The results are generated fast and you can get your winnings right away. 

  • Lower Stakes on the Line

Compared with eSports, Virtual Sports Betting is designed for gamblers who prefer placing smaller bets on various markets in sports. At the same time, it is a nice alternative for gamblers who want to experience fast games and fast money. Whether you are still new or just a smaller wager, this is perfect for you. 

  • Smaller Odds

eSports events may have different matches where there is only one heavy odds-on favorite teams or individuals. This takes on a much less chosen opponent so a lot of eSports matches especially in the Match Result market. This is the place which is usually heavily odds-on favorites and long odds outsiders. Apparently, this is not the best place to be if you are a player who bets smaller amounts only.

Is virtual sports betting fair?

In case you doubt its credibility, take note that the software used by Virtual Sports Betting was already tested. Before it was used by online casinos and betting shops, the software providers ensure that all customers experience fair gaming. If the authorities found that the Virtual Sports Betting software is biased, it will not be granted a license. Thus, you can make sure that you’re in good hands just like when betting on real-life sports events. 

Casinos/betting sites that offer virtual sports betting

To help you start your adventure in sports betting, these are some of the reliable casinos and betting sites around:


When it comes to live games, slots, casino games, and betting, CasinoMulti is a great place to be. The casino prides itself for carrying a “backpack full of experience” with the vision to be the top online casino. Its team knows what players want so they dedicated themselves on creating the best games, virtual sports, support, and payment options. To cater to more players across the country, CasinoMulti accepts all major payment solutions that include all the best alternatives. 

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The casino also offers a generous loyalty program that is hard to resist. On top of that, CasinoMulti is supplied by the best software providers in the gambling industry. Its Virtual Sports Betting games include Hounds, Football, Archery, Badminton, Table Tennis, Boxing, Motor Racing, Horses, Harness, Tennis, and more. The casino is operated and managed by EveryMatrix Ltd. which is a registered company in Malta.

It is also licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority in virtue of Gaming Service License and Critical Gaming Supply License. To secure all players’ money, all payments are processed by MoneyMatrix Ltd. on behalf of the casino’s operator – EveryMatrix Ltd. 


This is one of the few casinos that offer Virtual Sports Betting options from different markets. It is another MuchBetter casinos that offer great graphics and a huge collection of software providers and games. Operated by CW Marketing BV, the casino showcases a user-friendly website where you can play all sorts of online casinos games. EvoBet Casino hosts over 25 software providers to offer over 5,000 Casino Games, Live Casino Tables, and 35,000 Live Sports Events.

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Generally, the casino promotes simplicity with a green and black theme. From its design up to its services, you can experience a smooth registration, deposits, withdrawals, and gaming. The events that are offered here include Virtual Football, Crazy Speedway, Velodrome, The Penalty Kicks, G.Devs Stadium, Kinsley Park, Santa Anita Park, and Albert Arena.


This betting site may be young but don’t let that stop you from trying out its offered entertainment. It is one of the fast-rising companies with more than 400,000 online users and betters. 22Bet has a Sportsbook that includes more than 1,000 sports events every day so you can bet on multiple events. Its most popular sports include Tennis, Football, Volleyball, Ice Hockey, Boxing, Handball, American Football, Hockey, Baseball, Biathlon, and Table Tennis. 

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22Bet also offers Bandy, Aussie Rules, Formula 1, Ski Jumping, Snooker, Curling, Inline Hockey, Floorball, and Water Polo. The site offers different types of bets like singles, system bets, and accumulators. It even has an awesome daily offer called “The Matches of the Day”. This is where you can get improved odds and bigger stake amounts on each match. Most importantly, it has a 24/7 customer support that you can rely on through Live Chat or email.


It’s the only place where winners dare to bet hard and take home huge payouts. Do you think you have the guts to accept the dare? BetHard was established as a casino and betting site by professional gamers who shared the same dream, memories, and ambitions. Through experience, the founders of BetHard learned plenty of valuable lessons to create a winning formula and team. Its winning team was chosen to deliver not just great games but also a great gaming experience.

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Today, the brains behind BetHard is composed of a large group of people who are 100% dedicated to satisfying customers. Thus, the casino/betting site strives to enhance its products, services, communication, technology, and overall gaming experience. Its offered Virtual Sports Betting options include Instant Virtual Football, Virtual Racing-Greyhounds, Instant Virtual Racing, Virtual Tennis, Virtual Racing-Speedway, Virtual Racing-Cycling, and more.


Have you heard about this betting site before? Well, it’s just the most favorite online sports betting company worldwide. Since it was founded in 2000, the group now has more than 4,300 employees that work together behind its success. No wonder the site now has more than 45 million customers worldwide! Thanks to its offered reliable products and services, Bet365 was granted a license and regulated by the MGA (Malta Gaming Authority). 

Though the site also offers first-class Casino, Games, Poker, Bingo, and Vegas products, it’s more popular for sports betting. After all, its name says it all. Bet365 operates with a one-wallet system which allows players to try its offered games with a single account. Less hassle but more fun indeed. The casino/betting site is even affiliated to IBAS or Independent Betting Adjudication Service and granted with Thawte SSL Web Server Certificate.

Thus, its secure communications are guaranteed. Some of the popular Virtual Sports Betting events that Bet365 offers include:

American Football, Australian Rules, Baseball, Basketball, Boxing/MMA, Cricket, Futsal, Gaelic Sports, Hockey, Motor Sports, Soccer, Volleyball, Speedway, and Rugby League. 

How to win in virtual sports betting?

Everyone wants to win in sports betting and that’s a fact whether you’re just killing time or keeping yourself entertained.  That is why we already prepared some handy tips that you can use whenever you’re playing Virtual Sports Betting. Check out this list below and see if everything will work out great for you:

  • Choose Your Virtual Sports Carefully

The volatility rate of Virtual Sports is high so expect the results to be very random. Instead of betting on every event you encounter, focus on those events with fewer options where you can bet. The fewer options to bet on, the greater is your chance of winning.

  • Start with Small Bets

Predicting the winner in this game is far from being easy. Thus, it’s only practical to place small bets on events to avoid losing big money. 

  • Don’t Try to Chase Your Losses

Just like in other forms of gambling, never try to chase your losses. The more you try the more you can lose. 

There you have it! We hope that this helped you understand the meaning and concept of Virtual Sports Betting. Don’t forget to follow us for more gambling-related posts.