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Yggdrasil: Nitro Circus

Are you ready some action? Can you handle the breathtaking stunts of sports athletes who prefer to fly with their motorcycle, scooter, or bicycle? If you already experienced watching action sports then you probably know how scary it is to be on their shoes. But unlike other kinds of sports, Nitro Circus is literally a jaw-dropping sight to see.

Thus, Yggdrasil Gaming Ltd. is here to bring you their first ever branded slot called Nitro Circus Slot. Let’s finish the countdown and take this crazy ride together and have a chance to win thousands of Pounds! Nitro Circus Slot has 5 reels, 4 rows, and 25 paylines with a betting range that goes between 0.25 – 125 per spin. Of course, Nitro Circus Slot is also packed with heart-stopping features that you shouldn’t miss.

Slot design

When it comes to the slot’s design, expect to see a lot of action that features Travis Pastrana and his friends. As a branded slot, Nitro Circus theme is based on the original action sport that was featured on MTV. If you didn’t know yet, Nitro Circus’s show ran on MTV channel for 4 entire seasons which started from 2012 to 2014. Led by Travis Pastrana, their “action sports collective” travelled around the world to perform stunts on a higher level.

This motorsports competitor and legendary action sports athlete is truly one of the best stunt daredevils out there. Due to their big success, Yggdrasil Gaming Ltd. chose Nitro Circus to be its first branded slot. So, Nitro Circus Slot’s background shows the action sports set with their logo. Nitro Circus Slot is also filled with different helmets, a Nitro Bomb, Wilds, and 4 of the best athletes in Nitro Circus.

Slot features

Unlike ordinary 5 x 4 slots, Nitro Circus’s features the biggest stars, their awesome vehicles, and extreme stunts. After all, their name didn’t exist for anything boring. All players of Nitro Circus Slot can fly through the air while riding one of the 7 vehicles in the game. So, be sure to collect multipliers, coin wins, and other extreme bonuses to increase your winnings! You can also reach the most awaited bonus rounds by landing scatters and collections on the reels.

What’s more, you can also get a chance to choose between 3 different risk levels on your way. So, let’s take a look at what each feature of Nitro Circus Slot has to offer!


When there is a slot, of course, there should be a Wild Symbol to complete your slot experience. At Nitro Circus Slot, the Wild Symbol is shown as a literally burning “Wild” word that has stars below. When a Wild Symbol lands on your reels, it can instantly complete a winning payline for you! Thanks to the Wild’s special stunt that can replace the adjacent symbols bar the scatter. There’s also the Nitro Bomb and N, I, T, R, O letters that are loaded with more surprise bonuses.

Nitro-Blast mini game

To activate the Nitro-Blast Mini-Game, you need to land 2 Nitro Bomb Symbols on the reels during the base game. Once you activate the Nitro-Blast Mini-Game, you can choose 1 out of 5 Bombs to reveal your cash prizes.

Nitro Bomb Free Spins

If you love getting Free Spins, you will certainly enjoy this feature. You can activate Nitro Circus Slot’s Nitro Bomb Free Spins if you land 3 or more Nitro Bomb Symbols during the base game. At the same time, you can also trigger the Nitro-Blast Mini Game which gives you 1 of 3 feature picks.

Vehicle collection

Did you know that the collection of Vehicles in Nitro Circus Slot is a big deal? If you collect 5 matching vehicles, you can activate the Nitro Jump Feature using the same vehicle your collect. You can collect Vehicles that appear during the Nitro-Blast Mini-Game and Nitro Jump Feature. Each Vehicle in the game is packed with different feature and benefits that range from tricks, size, to boost.

Another way to active the Nitro Jump Feature is to get the N, I, T, R, O letters during the base game. Take note, you should be able to get them all in 1 spin to select 1 from 3 more Vehicles.

Nitro Jump feature

You can activate this feature by collecting 5 similar Vehicles or the N, I, T, R, O letters in 1 spin. If you triggered the Nitro Jump Feature using the N, I, T, R, O letters, you can choose 1 Vehicle between the BMX, scooter, or FMX. During the Nitro Jump Feature, you can perform 3 stunt jumps and 1 final boost jump.

Betting and prizes

From £0.25 – £125 per spin, you can win up to 2000x your stake at Nitro Circus with 96.2% RTP! Check out these prizes that you can win on each Nitro Circus Slot feature.

Depending on the Bomb you select during the Nitro-Blast Mini-Game, you can get one of these prizes that include:

  • Free Spin Mode – reveals 10 to 30 Free Spins and multipliers that range from 1x, 2x, or 3x
  • Extra Free Spins – this completes the Free Spin Mode by giving 1, 2, or 3 extra Free Spins
  • Add 1 vehicle to your collection – braise yourself because it could be a couch, a wheelchair, a bathtub, or even a toy car
  • Nitro Wild – once you return to the main game, the Nitro Bomb Symbols will automatically explode to transform 2 to 9 adjacent symbols into Wilds

During the Nitro Bomb Free Spins, you can get this Feature Picks depending on how many Nitro Bomb Symbols you have:

  • 3 Nitro Bomb Symbols – landing these symbols will give you 1 Feature Pick and 10 symbols
  • 4 Nitro Bomb Symbols – landing these symbols will give you 2 Feature Picks and 20 symbols
  • 5 Nitro Bomb Symbols – landing these symbols will give you 3 Feature Picks and 30 symbols

These Feature Picks are what you can also get during the Nitro-Blast Mini Game. Therefore, you can get more multipliers, extra Free Spins, extra Wild Symbols, and more Vehicles to boost your winnings.

Once you reach the Vehicle Collection stage, watch out for these prizes from collecting 5 similar vehicles:

  • Bathtub – 3/5 tricks, 2/5 size, and 5/5 boost
  • Toy Car – 2/5 tricks, 3/5 size, and 5/5 boost
  • Armchair – 2/5 tricks, 5/5 size, and 5/5 boost
  • Rocking Horse – 5/5 tricks, 4/5 size, and 1/5 boost

You can also select 1 from these vehicles for activating Nitro Jump Feature with the N, I, T, R, O letters:

  • BMX – 2/5 tricks, 3/5 size, and 1/5 boost
  • FMX – 2/5 tricks, 2/5 size, and 3/5 boost
  • Scooter – 2/5 tricks, 5/5 size, and 3/5 boost

During the Nitro Jump Feature, better tricks mean more coins you can get from the judges for the first 3 stunt jumps. In addition, getting a bigger Vehicle will help you to collect more coins while in the air. Lastly, more boosts mean higher multiplier you can achieve on your final jump. During your 3 stunt jumps, the score you can get from the judges range between 0.5 and 62.5x your bet. Your winnings may also vary depending on the tricks you performed in the air. You can also collect 0 – 6 prizes from these features during the stunt jumps:

  • 25 coin prize
  • Final jump speed boost
  • Final jump multiplier
  • 10 Free Spins

As you approach the final Nitro Boost jump, you can add manual speed boosts to get a better landing multiplier. However, adding too much manual boost in the final jump might also cause the rider to crash and lose all multipliers. In this case, be sure to balance the manual boost you will add to ensure an awesome landing.


Obviously, Nitro Circus is one of the biggest slots that will soon arrive in online casinos. Far from being an ordinary slot, Yggdrasil Gaming sure knows how to catch their players’ attention. From plainly spinning the reels and getting prizes, Nitro Circus Slot is up for a bigger and better entertainment.