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Yokozuna Clash slot review

Yokozuna Clash
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Have you ever played a game that is based on Japanese martial arts? If no, then Yokozuna Clash is a unique slot game produced by the industry’s most respected and acclaimed suppliers, Yggdrasil. I’m sure all of you have already watched or played different kinds of sports like basketball, badminton, tennis or boxing. How about wrestling? When you heard the word wrestler, what comes first into your mind?

Two men with rock hard muscles grapple each other inside the squared circle. Just like in Sumo wrestling, but what makes it different is that the fighters don’t need to be very muscular. The sumo tournaments start with the base game and it takes place in Ryogoku or sumo hall. The two men wearing nothing but a loincloth battle each other inside the dohyo (circular ring) to become the Yokozuna.

Yokozuna is the highest rank of a sumo wrestler or the grand champion. In this slot game, you’ll expect feet stomping action and belling slapping. To make the game more exciting, it comes with intense music to set the mood.

A sneak peek at Yggdrasil Gaming

Yggdrasil is known for providing superior gaming content focused on innovation and entertainment. Founded only in 2013, it rose to fame in the iGaming industry after gaining respect and acclaimed suppliers. So, expect high-quality graphics and many features that you might love at Yokozuna Clash.

This Yggdrasil slot is made for all casino gaming platforms online. Thus, you can play it on your phone, tablet, and desktop devices. Now that you’re curious how they would clash on its 5 reels with 3 rows and over 200 paylines, read on.

Slot design

At the start of the game, you’ll see two sumo wrestlers, Riku and Hazu. Riku wears blue loincloth while Hazu wears a green loincloth. These sumo wrestlers face each other inside the dohyo at the bottom of the reels. Aside from Riku and Hazu, there are three more opponents who will fight to claim the trophy and become the ultimate champion. They are O’Connor, Daisuku, and Yokozuna-the strangest one.

Yokozuna Slot

He is the opponent in the final and his looks will terrify you. He’s a red-skinned demon with huge and sharp canine teeth wearing a Kesho mawashi or the loincloth used for the top rank wrestlers.

Slot features

Like any other video slot, Yokozuna Clash offers features that can help you improve your winning potential. Yokozuna Clash offer different features like free spins, random wilds, additional wilds, multipliers, and scatter symbols. As mentioned above, it features 3 rows, 5 reels, and 243 paylines. What makes the game more exciting is each sumo wrestler gives its feature:

  • Riku – wears the blue belt and gives you 1 or 2 wilds symbol on the middle of the reels
  • Hazu – wears the green belt and gives 2 or 3x multiplier to boost your winning combinations
  • O’ Connor – gets you 3or 4x multiplier
  • Daisuku – like Riku, this sumo can also give you wild symbols on the playing field
  • Yokozuna – this demon sumo gives 2 to 4 Wild symbols and a multiplier

When the scattered free spins symbol appears on the reel one and five, it gets you the Tournament Free Spin. During the Tournament Free Spins, a sumo competition is played in which a power meter can be seen at the bottom. When there is a winning combination on the left, your sumo wrestler attacks the opponent and the power meter will increase two bars to the right.

However, when there is a winning combination from the right, your opponent will push you back and the power meter will increase three to four bars to the left.

Betting and prizes

Yokozuna Clash has a medium volatility rate with 96% RTP, which is a great level for a modern slot machine. Having a high percentage of RTP means it is more favorable for you as a player. As for the bet, it also starts with as low as £0.10 to £125 per spin. This slot game gives you full access to 243 paylines on a 5-reel. With the five winning combinations, you’ll get a reward in a total of 12x total stake.

The maximum reward you can win is up to 3449x (86,000 coins) total stake. This slot game will also make you feel like you’re playing a PlayStation game. The video game-style of its animation is pretty cool and impressive.


Yggdrasil Gaming never disappoints when it comes to gaming content. The company knows how to entertain and immerse players in the world of animation and amazing graphics for a while. With the two sumo wrestlers battling against each other inside the circular ring, you’ll feel like you’re playing Tekken instead of a slot machine game. Slots with a sumo theme may sound a little boring, but not Yokozuna Clash.

This game is rich in features that you will love as a gamer. If you have low patience, this game is for you as the free spins are not hard to trigger. It has a medium volatility rate so you can win but not constantly like the games with low volatility. On the other hand, you can still win bigger prizes compared to other slot games. If you are looking for a game with good payouts and RTP, this one is a good choice.

If you think this game suits your taste then try it now and see how it works for you.